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Defining Ethical


We use the term "ethical" as more than an issue of conventional morality. Born out of the sustainability movement, ethical is a term that broadens what sustainability means. While, traditionally, sustainability focuses on the environment and the impact of production on it; the term ethical widens that to include the people that are impacted by the environmental issues and often exploited in the production of goods.

Everyone is welcome to become a member of our network in order to learn and grow; however, we do have specific requirements for our markets as consumers are coming specifically to purchase certain types of goods. Each business or organization will need to fit 2 to 3 of these categories in order to qualify. Every applicant is looked over by the board and decided on a case by case basis.

Green Plants


  • Who owns the business?

  • Who makes the products?

  • Who benefits from this business?


  • Black or POC owned

  • Owned by/for marginalized group

  • Youth run

  • Woman owned

  • Fair trade

  • Artisan Made

Small Green Plants


  • What are you selling?

  • What are your products made from?


  • Second hand

  • Upcycled

  • Recycled

  • Natural

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Handmade

Image by alis&po


  • Where are the materials sourced?

  • Where are the products made?

  • Where are the profits going?


  • Social Enterprise

  • Non-profit

  • Locally made/sourced material

  • U.S. Made

Image by freddie marriage


  • Why was this business created?


  • Health conscious

  • Made for diet restrictions

  • Benefitting marginalized community

  • Cause-based

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