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Ethical Art & Home Decor

Art & Soul Tx designs logo
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what we love

• Locally made stickers for planners

• Made by a teacher for teachers

• Local artist

• Woman owned

*offers discount for members

Hand holding an Art & Soul TX sticker in the shape of Texas with the word Teacher through the center
Chez Hibou logo of a hand drawn owl in a tree with an orange moon
  • Chez Hibou Instagram
  • Chez Hibou Facebook

what we love

• Handmade goods

• Low-waste production

• Use repurposed & found objects

• Reuse & recycle materials

• Supports Spare Parts

• Sources materials locally

• Woman owned

*offers discount for members

Chez Hibou Greeting card and egg on a talbe with bamboo in a vase
Techxicana WhiteLogo.png
  • La Techxicana Studio Instagram

what we love

• Naturally dyed fabrics and upcycled artworks

• Ethically sourced materials

• Climate aware goods

• Reuse & recycled materials

• Low waste production

• Woman owned

* 10% discount for first time purchase and free pickup at the Brick Sunday Art Market

techxicana pic.png
Maxiss_Modern Logo
  • Maxiss Modern  Instagram
  • Maxiss Modern Facebook

what we love

• Vintage home goods, clothing and accessories

• Consignment shop

• Local Vendors

• Woman owned

*offers discount for members

Maxiss Modern vintage etched wine glasses
Nita Cole Logo
  • Nita Cole Instagram
  • Nita Cole Facebook

what we love

• Handmade ceramic jewelry and homegoods

• Locally sourced materials

• Recycled packaging

• U.S. made clay

• Latina owned

*offers discount for members

multiple ceramic cups, bowls, and vases by Nita Cole
Rose Arise Creations logo
  • Rose Arise Creations Instagram
  • Rose Arise Creations Facebook

what we love

• Upcycled, vintage, and artisan pots

• Custom arrangements

• Plants from local nurseries

• Decor from creative reuse center

• Woman owned

*offers discount for members

Teacups filled with rocks and succulents
Wila + Co Candle Studio logo
  • Wila + Co Candles Instagram

what we love

• Coconut Soy Candles

• Natural & Sustainable ingredients

• Refill candle jar program

• Domestically sourced ingredients

• Organic essential oils

• Phalate & Paraben free frangrance oils

• Micro-batched

• Black Woman owned

six wila + co candles in black jar with wooden wicks
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