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When she’s not lazying around, making up words, or consuming NadaMoo in epic portions, Sharmon is encouraging others to live intentionally sustainable lives while amplifying small businesses. She is a writer, stylist, the Founder of Blessed Designs, and currently co-hosts Unpacking Ethical.  Sharmon is specifically interested in the intersections of environmentalism, fashion, and BIPOC communities. To support her passions Sharmon works as a Neuroscience Research Associate at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Sharmon Lebby
Headshot of Mar-y-Sol Salinas McCoy

Mar-y-Sol Salinas-McCoy


Mar-y-Sol Salinas-McCoy is the founder of Essential Wisdom Coaching, a transpersonal coaching & consulting company based in San Antonio, TX. With a deep commitment to equity & social justice, Mar-y-Sol loves working with diverse clients and organizations and believes that supporting others in their growth ultimately supports a deep interconnectedness with ourselves, others, and the natural world. In her free time, she enjoys living a fully embodied life that includes spontaneous dancing, organic gardening, researching all things on intuition & leadership, creating beauty in many forms, and spending quality time with family & friends.

Carley Hall


Carley is a Texas native having grown up in Boerne and attending university in San Antonio. She is a mom of 2 little ones and currently lives in Helotes. She has run a business for the last 8 years that focuses on eco-friendly, natural products for mama and baby. She is also a midwifery student in training. She enjoys learning more about running an ethical and earth-friendly household and hopes to start her own garden in the near future.

Carley Hall of Careha Co By Brooks Co
Tarra Hardeman of Carmel Soap Company

Communications Chair


Tarra is a Mom, Wife, and owner of The Carmel Soap Company. She is a former Educator and Federal Government Business Manager that found her fulfillment in entrepreneurship. The Carmel Soap Company was founded in 2016 to give everyone genuinely natural alternatives to big brand bath and body options. Carmel Soap's mission is Pure. Transparent. Natural. The company’s goal is to be ethical, sustainable, and transparent. Tarra brings that same commitment to excellence to ENSA. When not working with ENSA and soap, Tarra enjoys gardening and supporting her children with her Husband Andy. 

Operations Chair

Kimberly Castillo

Born and raised in San Antonio, Kimberly is a mother of three (plus 12 fur babies and one scaley tot) who enjoys delving into the unknown mysteries of the universe (heavy on the Sci-Fi).  After 20 years in the Telecommunications Industry she pivoted into Human Resources in the Healthcare Industry joining Humana Military.  At Humana she is currently serving as an ambassador for both the Women's Network Resource Group and Veteran's Network Resource Group.  With the personal growth she sought, Kimberly started her journey in living intentionally and purposefully, finding resources and mentorship through ENSA.  After finding a community strong in their mission to consciously thrive together, Kimberly brings her humility, desire and enthusiasm to learn, share and expand the gift of this community. 

ENSA Kimberly-Operations Bio.jpg
ENSA Drew Bio PIc.jpeg


Drew Johnson Nwabueze is the owner of a holistic wellness business named House of Yodi. House of Yodi’s mission is to assist individuals in realigning, loving themselves, and healing. Apart from caring for our community, she enjoys spending time with her family, dog, and friends. Drew holds an A.A. in Art, a B.A. in English, and a Master of Jurisprudence in Law. Aside from creating safe spaces for people to enjoy themselves, Drew also enjoys bubbles, meditating, learning, comedies, and music.

Events Chair


Robert exemplifies the ideals of The Ethical Network through his work with his startups and other small businesses. He is a software engineer, entrepreneur, loofa farmer, and dog lover. Robert wants to help show businesses how to connect and grow together in solidarity – one aspect of the tech industry that can be replicated on a smaller scale. In his spare time he’s keeping up with the currents of economic thought, but especially with works downstream from Kalecki and Minsky.

Community Outreach Chair

ENSA - Robert Walsh Pic.jpg
ENSA Vanessa Vasquez.JPG


Vanessa is a Learning and Development professional who is dedicated to the cultivation of spaces where people can learn, share, and grow. She has empowered teams in an inclusive talent development environment throughout her twenty years experience in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. 


Her passion lies in supporting community efforts around sustainability, responsible business ownership and leadership development.


Currently, Vanessa is a Learning Support Advisor at USAA. She resides in San Antonio, Texas with her partner, Ben, and their two rescue dogs, Onyx the Schnoodle and Opal the Schnauzer.

Program Chair


Markanthony Rivera is a passionate and dedicated senior at UTSA, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Geography and Environmental Sustainability. With a deep interest in urban sustainability, he has set his sights on becoming an aspiring transportation planner, driven by a desire to create sustainable, inclusive, and equitable transportation planning solutions.


Markanthony's experience working for UTSA's Office of Sustainability, where he played an integral role in the development of a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Grant, has given him valuable practical knowledge in the field of sustainable transportation. Beyond his work, Markanthony is a regular volunteer with environmental organizations, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact on the world around him.

Sustainability Chair

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