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Gearing up...

There was nothing quite like walking up to Golden Skyy's new Fashion Design Prep Studio. The colorful, enigmatic display announces you're entering into a whole new world. In the inner foyer sits a couch with a grey shag rug that screams you are about to behold something amazing. And, what Golden Skyy is doing for future design school hopefuls is just that...amazing.

"Design is 99.9% problem solving," states Skyy as he takes the group through his proposed curriculum. A curriculum that is designed to prepare future fashion designers, not only to get into design school, but to succeed while they are there. "If we have TOP QUALITY proessors & elite designers, ONLY instructing in Fashion Design colleges, why can't we have the same quality, industry experience & passion in a preparatory Fashion Design school? Why do we continue to repeat this method and see our loved ones struggle in college or even worse, fail?"

For all interested, his plan is to help you become great problem solvers. He's offering 4 week summer courses in Fashion Illustration 1.0, Patternmaking 1.0, and Sewing 1.0 that include quite extensive lessons as well as a few fieldtrips to see the skills in action. Don't let the "1.0" fool you. It is definitely worth the investment if you have fashion design school in your sites or even if you are just wanting to hone your skills or to learn some basics from an award winning local designer.

Class size is limited so you'll want to hurry if you hope to be apart of the inaugural class.


Golden Skyy is a textile designer and founder of his local self named clothing line. The line is currently in transition to becoming a sustainable fashion brand. He was the 2017 San Antonio Fashion Awards Womenswear Designer of the year and has been featured in multiple publications. Learn more at

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