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How Many Hashtags to Use On Instagram?

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing. Recently, the platform told people via its creator account that they should only use 3-5 hashtags per post. However, Later analyzed the data and found a different story being told.

Based on the research they did, 20-30 hashtags yield the best results where reach is concerned. However, Instagram is on a mission to make sure posts aren't spammy or include too many irrelevant hashtags.

Your Best Bet

Pay careful attention to the hashtags that you are using. At some point, Instagram may drop its hashtag quota from the 30 per post currently allowed. Use ones that are relevant to each particular post and to your brand.

Hashtag Tips

  • Create a few sets of hashtags that you can use interchangeably in your posts.

  • Find relevant hashtags with less than 100,000 uses. This way you don't get lost in the shuffle.

  • Find similar brands and see what hashtags they use.

Social media can be daunting at first but there's plenty of help out there. Check out Mark Nanez and Keehart Marketing, two local digital marketing brands that have been gracious in extending their help to us for our business meetups. You can also sign up for Later's newsletter to receive more tips.

Check out the full post on Later's blog here!

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