Good Market

Christmas in July

Vendor Agreement

This agreement is between the Ethical Network of San Antonio (ENSA) and_____________________________ (Vendor).

All parties agree to the following:

Event Information:

● Date & Location: July 18, 2020 on Instagram Live

● ENSA reserves the right to approve vendors based on application criteria.

ENSA agrees:

● To clearly communicate the Vendor related details of the Market (including assigned time, social media/marketing assets and language, and other relevant info) by July 3, 2020.

● To provide Vendor with a 15 minute time slot and production support for going live.

● To publicize the overall event and highlight the Vendor in all PR, social media and other advertising.

The Vendor agrees:

● To present to the best of its ability accurate information, material and goods at the Good Market.

● To be online and available to speak with event producer 10 minutes before their assigned time slot for going live.

● To make all reasonable efforts to ensure a reliable internet connection for broadcasting during assigned 15 minute time slot.

● To promote the event according to ENSA-supplied guidelines on Instagram (via stories or regular feed) at least once per day in the week leading up to the event (a total of 5 posts, minimum) and at least 2

posts on the day of the event. More frequent posting on Instagram and posting on other social networks is encouraged.

● To compose social posts according to forthcoming details of the Market, which are to be delivered by ENSA to Vendor by July 3, 2020. Details will include hashtag and tagging requirements and recommendations and time and date information.

● To email its logo for inclusion in event promotional materials to:

Film and/or Photo Release:

● By participating in the Market, the Vendor consents to be filmed/screenshotted and/or

photographed for promotional purposes. The Vendor releases those images to Ethical Network of San Antonio.

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