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Message from our President

Sharmon Lebby President of Ethical Network of San Antonio

It has taken a long time for us to compose this message, because while the subject of Black equality and equity resonates in the world at this time, it’s a topic that is ever present in our lives.


As an organization we advocate for every person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and this especially includes Black people because speaking as a Black woman, this isn’t always the case.  


Even within ethical spaces, bias is rampant. Often brands approach sustainability from a paternalistic responsibility to save black and brown people. This relationship is fundamentally exploitative. Like our global brothers and sisters, the Black community isn’t looking for rescue. 


We’re looking for respect and equity. We deserve to be seen and heard. 


The great disparity and inequities that exist for Black lives is not a new revelation nor is it something we get to turn off and forget about in a few weeks when the media cycle inevitably moves on. For the Black community, this is a constant struggle, and in sitting with a time like this, we’ve decided that as an organization we want to do even more to ensure Black-owned ethical and sustainable businesses are seen.

Here's a list of ethical Black-owned businesses in our community. These businesses matter. Black lives matter.

Click here to go to list of businesses

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