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  • AC Handmade Collective Instagram

what we love

• Collective of Makers

• Makers based in San Antonio & surrounding areas

• All businesses sell handmade goods

• Black Women run

someone making a handmade ceramic cup
The Banquet Table logo
  • The Banquet Table Instagram
  • The Banquet Table Facebook

what we love

• Local non-profit organization

• Raises money for other non-profits + tells their stories

• Registered UTSA student organization

• Creating sustainable civic engagement

The Banquet Table in the UTSA Sombrilla
Ceiba Wellness
  • Ceiba Wellness  Instagram

what we love

• Supports women needing coaching support and integrative wellness education

• Expanding services to Spanish

• Instagram Live series called Mama Bexar

• Works with private + corporate clients

Jenn Mason of Ceiba Wellness sitting on a tree stump
Compost Queens Logo
  • Compost Queens Instagram
  • Compost Queens Facebook
  • Compost Queens LinkedIn

what we love

• Residential & Commercial food waste recycling service

• Transparent process

• Donates a portion of scraps to community gardens

• Bokashi flakes made from local coffee waste product

• Use repurposed bins

• Women owned

*offers discount for members

Green fruits and vegetables on a marble backdrop
Essential Wisdom Coaching logo
  • Rose Arise Creations Instagram
  • Rose Arise Creations Facebook

what we love

• Upcycled, vintage, and artisan pots

• Custom arrangements

• Plants from local nurseries

• Decor from creative reuse center

• Woman owned

*offers discount for members

Image of orchid by Amit Lahav
handmade on main logo
  • Handmade on Main Facebook
  • Handmade on Main Instagram
  • Handmade on Main Pinterest

what we love

• Boerne storefront

• All handmade goods

• Collection of several sustainable businesses

• Locally made items

• Locally owned businesses

• Majority mom owned businesses

• Woman owned

*offers discount for members

view of the inside Handmade On Main from the front store. Various displays shown
  • Roger Does Finance Facebook
  • Roger Does Finance Instagram

what we love

• Supports underserved families and marginalized communities with free financial education and financial planning services focused on their needs, values, and goals, using strong ethical practices.

• Online & in-person group sessions

• Latino owned

Family walking on beach. Older male givng son a ride on his back while wife and daughter walk beside
Spare Parts logo
  • Spare Parts Facebook
  • Spare Parts Instagram
  • Spare Parts LinkedIn
  • Spare Parts Twitter
  • Spare Parts TikTok

what we love

• Non-profit organization

• Reuse education

• Value cultural & environmental sustainability

• Promote the arts

• Foster creativity through reuse practices

• Partners with artists and artistic programs

*offers discount for members

View of the Spare Parts Store front.
tentacle queen logo
  • Tentacle Queen Facebook
  • Tentacle Queen Instagram
  • Tentacle Queen TikTok

what we love

• Accessible piercing services

• Affordable prices

• Source U.S. made body jewelry

• Gemstones, gold, and titanium from ethical vendors

• Vegan & allergy free products for aftercare, procedures, and beverages

• Paperless forms

• Latina owned

*offers discount for members

bar bell piercing jewelry on top of a white rose
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